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This Adventure Ends | Book Review

Author: Emma Mills | Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary | 308 Pages

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I fell in love with this book.

I finished this in a couple of days. It’s so addicting, so entertaining. It is HILARIOUS and beautifully written at the same time. The author delves into the subjects of romantic love, friendships and family, within the contemporary setting which makes the experiences more relatable and real. Emma writes scenes in a vivid, lightweight, straight-to-the-point way and she doesn’t bore us with redundant descriptions of every single thing in that scene.

The main character? Oh, she’s good. Sloane is funny, smart, a strong and independent female lead. Her conscience and decisions aren’t always the wisest but she does go through a major character development just like the other characters. I love how they get to learn from each other through their relationships with Sloane and I especially love their banter. Can’t stop chuckling at every witty comment. She is a family person that sets a great example in that department for teens today.

The relationship between Sloane and Gabe isn’t cliche either, which I greatly appreciate. I know that it’s not easy to come up with a fresh high school romance arc, because almost every version is written. And in some circumstances, they can become stale.

 Emma Mills, if you see this, you are now in my list of favourite authors. Thank you for your art.

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