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A Fresh Start in Ibadah: Tips for Overcoming the Struggles

Assalamualaikum readers!

Today’s post is directed at my Muslim brothers and sisters in conjunction with Nifsu Sya’ban which falls on the 15th night of the Islamic month. On this day, our Book of Deeds from the year before is replaced with a new one. Aside from being a mustajab night for making du’a, Nifsu Sya’ban is a great inspiration for the Believer to turn over a new leaf.

Are you still working on your new year resolutions, the ones for your Deen specifically? They probably sound like this: Never miss a fardhu prayer, read the Quran every day, fast on Mondays and Thursdays, perform more sunnah prayers, etc.

If Yes, alhamdulillah. If No, I completely understand as these things require time, energy, discipline and sincerity. There is no smooth and straight path towards akhirah success therefore, if you have bumpy rocks in yours, your struggle is valid and you are not alone.

I have my fair share of struggles when it comes to ibadah. Laziness, poor time management and tiredness are some of my pathetic excuses. During childhood, my parents were my prayer reminders but now as I grow older, the only person that is holding myself accountable is Me. 

There is always room for improvement in our iman, hence I have a few ideas that can help:

  1. Make a Daily Ibadah Checklist. Create a table in your Notes app and fill in the columns with your targeted daily deeds. For example; prayers, fasting, quran, zikir, listening to an online kuliah. Log in a tick (/) after every deed or an (o) if you missed it. The satisfaction in seeing more (/) than (O) will encourage you to do better next week.
  2. Find an ibadah buddy. When you do things with someone who is as equally as motivated as you, you are less likely to lose that motivation. Just imagine, a friendship built on ibadah :’) Don’t ever lose that friend cause you might see each other again in Jannah insyallah.
  3.  Eliminate distractions when it’s time to perform ibadah. Switch off your gadgets, close that storybook, excuse yourself from your group of friends in the mall. This is very difficult as tiktoks can be addicting but I believe that our discipline muscle can be trained with time.
  4. Look for inspiration. There are so many notable public figures in Islam who are always preaching about ibadah. Follow the right people on social media. What’s your spiritual diet that are able to constantly re-ignite the spark when the flame dies? Podcasts, recorded videos, webinars, books? Inspiration is everywhere only if you look.
  5. Follow a routine. Include Ibadah in your daily schedule to determine the perfect time. Try your best to perform prayers early so that you won’t have to rush it in the end. When you follow a regular schedule, you will get used to getting up for Tahajjud at 5.30 a.m.

Everyone’s path towards akhirah is different and I wish nothing but the best of luck for yours.

Have a great week ahead! xxx


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