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5 Simple Tips for Finding That Motivation

Hello and welcome back to my blog 🙂

I hope this post finds you well.

I have a bunch of toxic personality traits and procrastination is one of them. And I’m not proud of it. You can count on me to procrastinate anything even if my life depended on it. Something as minor as publishing a weekly blog post (pfft weekly) or as major as wishing someone I truly care about a freaking birthday wish, I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I did a little self-reflection a while ago and I think that motivation plays a big part in productivity. When there’s little to no motivation, I’d be spending my days binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy (It’s a good show by the way. I’m so in love with Patrick Dempsey) and successfully disregard all responsibilities.

But fret not, I am trying to hold myself accountable therefore I made a list of things that could help me find the motivation to do anything:

1. Clean up my room

This is on top of the list and I promise you it’s life-changing every time I do it. Suddenly anything is possible. When I clear the crap on my floor, I now have so much space for yoga. When my desk is clean, I can type out this post without any distractions.

2. Wake up early

This is actually really hard for me cause I am a night owl. I just love the serenity and peace night-time gives me. However, I do notice that I get more stuff done during the day when I’m up earlier than usual. Why is life so hard?

3. Practise good hygiene

You’re probably thinking well obviously but you might be surprised by how many people that are ‘going thru it’ couldn’t be bothered to brush their teeth in the morning. I have experienced this multiple times and it sucks. Poor hygiene is a result of depressive episodes but if you try to even get out of bed and wash your face, that’s amazing 🙂 When you feel clean, you will feel more confident to meet people and doing things for yourself.

4. Say no to gluttony

Eating excessively at a time does not help your productiveness at all. Here’s a situation. You go to a favourite restaurant, you order a very large meal. When it’s time to get to your car, you find it difficult to walk because of how full are. I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate this feeling. The only thing I want to do on a very full stomach is lying down and wait for the feeling to pass. Minus more productivity points over here.

5. Set realistic goals

No, you can’t do everything at once. Instead, try to focus on a certain number of tasks in a day. Break these tasks down to smaller, bite-sized steps to make them more doable. If a task looks too much or too complicated, don’t overthink it and just start. Sometimes I get so lazy to go for a run but once I did the first step which is putting my shoes on, there’s no backing out. You got this.

So there you have it, some of the things I do for motivation. I do have my extremely lazy days but I find my productive days rewarding and life-enriching. I get more shit done, I can use my time wisely and I can reflect more for improvements and become a better me.

Hope these tips will help you too. Have a great week ahead xx


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