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A Special Woman

Hey it’s Sofea and welcome back to my blog!

Oh gosh that sounded so corny please shoot me.

So today is the 8th of March which is also the International Women’s Day. Took a quick glance at Twitter and Instagram a few moments ago and I saw a handful of inspiring posts to commemorate this day. Discussions on Women Empowerment and Gender Equality lead by feminist groups have seen an increasing trend over the past week and this makes me so happy. I hope they won’t ever stop because misogyny must end.

Today, I’d like to talk about a very special woman and that is my grandmother whom I call Nenek (”grandmother” in Malay).

I have no idea how old she is now but she is very much alive but with old age complications. She can’t really walk because her bones got weaker (I suspect osteoporosis but she doesn’t know herself). Because of that, it became more difficult to perform tasks that require being on her feet for long periods of time like cooking, cleaning the house and going to the store.

When she was a little girl, she had to quit school at the age of 10 to support her family. Fast-forward maybe 20 years later, her husband passed away when their children were still young. I never get to meet my grandfather but I’d imagine him as this soft, old grandpa despite stories of his strictness. I can’t imagine losing a husband though.

Nenek’s first child, my aunt, is not able to conceive. After some time, my aunt decided to adopt. Her second child, passed away after raising 2 beautiful girls in a couple of short years. Nenek took on the responsibility in taking care of those grandchildren. Her third child, my uncle, had a divorce and remarried. Then he developed renal cancer and was no longer fit to teach primary school students. Her fourth and last child had a divorce and remarried to a great woman.

Despite this series of unfortunate events, she managed to pull through. She built a happy family, no matter how dysfunctional it looks on the surface level. All her children are happy and close siblings. They spend quality time together whenever they can and  will always treat us nieces and nephews with kindness.

When I was younger, she took care of me and she never once showed rage. I was a typical naughty five-year-old and neither cane nor hanger ever touched my skin. To me, she was -still is- my light and warmth in my dark and cold days. She is the human embodiment of Love. She would cook a particular dish I request and she would listen to my mundane stories. She is the person I feel safe with when there is a thunderstorm at night.

In short, I love her very much. If God wills it, I really want her to stick around and see me graduate, getting married, having my own kids. Ameen Ya Allah.

So thank you Nenek. Thank you for showing me what genuine love and care feels like. Thank you for your kind words when I had nothing to give back. And I’m sorry for the hidden tears that were shed because of me.

You will always be a special woman to me.

Until next time xx


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