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When Is The ”Peak” In Life?

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 I truly believe that a certain point in life exists where we achieve satisfaction in doing something we’ve always wanted to do. I call this the Peak and it can be anything. From meeting a celebrity crush to stepping on the moon, everyone’s Peak is as different as the lives we lead. It’s not necessarily a goal or dream but rather the feeling we experience during or after achieving it. It gives a sense of fulfilment that you can say ”Been there, done that. I can finally die happy.” In simpler words, it’s feeling truly content in life.

Unfortunately, I have not reached my Peak yet and I don’t think I will in the near future. This scares because what if I cant reach it in time? What if I die young or get a serious injury that would permanently disable some bodily functions? What if I wake up with amnesia one day and forget who I am, what my dreams are? If you can’t tell, I am quite the pessimist. I can’t help it sorry :,)

Having said that, I do have plans on achieving this ”contentment” and I’m trying to get there. What are said plans, you might ask? Well;

  1. Being financially stable

A career that pays well. Have multiple streams of income. Have enough to travel locally and internationally.

2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Maybe going vegan. Eating clean on weekdays and weekends  are cheat days. Exercising regularly. Reach a daily step count of 10,000. Taking care of my mental health as well.

3. Establish healthy relationships with people.

If I have kids, I’ll be sure to be a responsible and fair mother. Cutting off all toxic people in my life. See new people and nurture the relationships I have now.

4. Make peace with religion.

I’m not saying I’m not religious right now haha what I’m hoping is the time where I can be truly sincere with my obligations as a Muslim. Savouring every ibadah (actions in worshipping Allah) like prayers, fasting, hajj and zikir.

5. Giving back to others in something of value.

I think the best way for me to do this is through social media and that means I need to put myself out there. More like the ‘content creator’ kind of thing. But first I need to walk before the talk. If a youtube video of mine is titled ”How to lead a healthier lifestyle” then I must first be a pro at this.

6. Be knowledgeable in so many topics and having a wide range of skillset.

There are so many things I want to know and to be able to do! Politics, literature, cooking, dancing, learning Chinese. I have no idea when I’ll graduate from all that.

Sometimes, I do look back on my past achievements and think wow, the x things I did to get there were not easy. Just like my dusty SPM results, I know that achieving my future dreams is no walk in the park. I just hope I’ll get there one day, no matter how long it takes.

Kidding. Preferably by 30 plz.


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