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Starting My Fitness Journey With Running

I was never the school athlete back then for obvious reasons; I suck at sports. I was never fast nor strong enough to win medals. I’ve always wanted to experience that throughout my secondary school career but sadly I never made the cut. Another reason is that I hated competing in sports. I hated the pressure from teachers, teammates and the entire student body. When you’re a school athlete, you either bring home the glory of the school’s name or nothing at all. In worst cases, students and teachers would even shun you for losing in a competition. What a nightmare.

So that was my excuse for successfully neglecting my fitness and overall health in the last few years. Now that I’m almost* 19 and most importantly not in school anymore, I made the decision to change up my lifestyle for the better. I get to decide what I do to achieve my fitness goals on my own terms and not just because of tournaments.

Up until 2 weeks ago, I still haven’t found the perfect motivator for running and that’s when I came across a friend’s Instagram story which was a screenshot of some running data (distance, cadence, time, etc) from an app. I’ve seen screenshots of the same app multiple times before but I never bothered to do anything about it. It is called Nike Run Club.

So I installed it for free from the app store, explored it a bit and I was impressed. I’m not a runner but I think it has all the features an average runner needs. Have you ever hired a running coach before? You can have that in their audio programmes for FREE. I think that is the most exciting and motivating feature in the app. The current coach I’m ”training” with is Coach Bennett. He’s not the aggressive and demanding type, don’t worry. He’s more relaxed but at the same time motivates you to do better. It also works with Spotify and Apple Music.

Today was my 4th run of the year (oh and when I say ”run” in this beginner level, it actually means run > jog > wheeze > walk > repeat) and it was actually great. My stamina is still far from perfect but I can feel that it’s getting a little bit better in every run. I love the brief moments when the warm evening sunlight hit my face, it feels so good!

Now I know it’s too early in the year to talk like my lifestyle has changed. No. I still have many more kilometres ahead of me before I reach my fitness goals. For now, I’m just sharing the journey in getting there and I hope the future me will look back and see how far I’ve come.

*I’m turning 19 on February 6th 🙂


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