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27th July | Poetry

It all started from here
 In my class on the 2nd floor
 I didn't think I mattered to you
 'Just a friend' and nothing more
 Our little lunch date on Monday
 You told me your first impression
 I cant believe I caught your eye
 Even with your reputation
 My friends were all supportive
 But 2 of them were cautious
 One told me don't feed your ego
 The other said you're merciless
 It's fine, I knew the risks
 I knew the good things too
 I even saw you cry before
 The world was so cruel to you
 You stayed up till 3 am
 Just to talk to talk to me
 Supported me along the way
 My inspiration and positivity
 It's alright now it's over
 I'm actually glad it did
 Do you still keep the shit I gave
 They're all damn cute innit? 🙂
 -Ameerah Sofea 


Hello from Kuala Lumpur! I started this blog to fuel my passion in writing. I have yet to find the perfect niche but for now, be prepared for topics ranging from health to books. Subscribe to my email newsletter for new content delivered directly to your inbox :)

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