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Happy New Year

As we usher in 2021, I pray that it would be a better year for everyone. 2020 has left some of us scarred both mentally and physically in many different ways therefore I hope that this new year is the year of healing.

Because our healing processes are unique and different, I would like to share mine: Journaling. Allow me to explain further with an exact copy of my first entry though (bcoz I’m lazy to rephrase it for the blog HAHA. Also the language is mostly in English with a dash of malay phrases which will be translated under the post as a footnote with an asterisk*)


1 Jan 2021 at 1830 hrs

I’ve made the rare decision to start journaling this year after watching Lana Blakey’s Youtube video. She said that when you’re older, you’re gonna baca balik* these journals and appreciate how much you’ve grown. So hello there future Ameerah Sofea, I don’t know if you’re gonna be consistent with journaling but I hope u do. I really want you to look back and see how much your life has changed, take lessons from different episodes in your life and even immortalize your happy moments in writing. You will thank me. So present Me, lets make it a challenge and a new year’s resolution to be consistent🙂 Also Ali Abdaal (another youtuber) inspired me to “pick any moment in your day to tell a story” which I think is quite therapeutic? I know that everyone’s lives are different and what is deemed to be an “interesting” life is really subjective. Therefore this is a safe space for me to share anything I want without the fear of being judged whether my life is NOT cool or my grammar is shit, not even by close friends.

I’m not much of a diary kid bcs dulu* my secrets were always dug up by nosy people 😦 so it’s kinda like a traumatic experience for me. But alhamdulillah I have a phone now, and the notes app has the lock feature which I appreciate. I still feel that someone’s gonna break into my private thoughts one way or another, so hello dear nosy family member or hacker, this is where you walk away and respect my privacy. The only time I’ll allow EVERYONE to read these entries is when I’m dead because by that time, they won’t matter anymore. (Sorry for that)

Ok anyways, it’s a shame how I have to use the notes app to type everything out instead of seeing my own handwriting in an actual journal. It’s alright, one day when I live alone I’ll probably be able to do that. You know when you think about it, typed out entries have their own perks;

1. I can fix typos without any mess (unlike having to scratch out mistakes with a pen)

2. save paper. I admit I don’t use the cute notebooks I own throughout the years bcs I don’t want to spoil them! I’m shit at making pretty and organized notes anyway and I don’t carry a pen and paper around wherever I go wtf.

3. I can copy paste some things to sharing platforms if I wish. I also plan to store them in my OneNote desktop app at the end of every month to free up phone space

4. Like I mentioned above, this app (iPhone Notes app) has a lock feature. Thank god

So future me, nosy family and evil hacker, please bear with my typos, me being unapologetically myself and my emotional roller coasters bcs it’s going to get bumpy.

*baca balik = read again

*dulu = in the past

Thanks for reading till the end! what’s your healing plans for 2021? 🙂

See you in my next post. in the meantime, please wear a mask and practice social distancing. Stay safe and Happy New year xx


Hello from Kuala Lumpur! I started this blog to fuel my passion in writing. I have yet to find the perfect niche but for now, be prepared for topics ranging from health to books. Subscribe to my email newsletter for new content delivered directly to your inbox :)

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