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Quarantine Again

How is everyone’s week going so far? Where I am coming from, it’s not that good. Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases these past few weeks, the Malaysian government has announced another Movement Restriction Order (MCO) a week ago. New cases have been reported daily at an alarming rate with the latest one at a staggering 732 cases. The stats may not be as dramatic in other countries like the United States or England but it still caused a considerable amount of panic among Malaysians.

The Instagram post announcement
Latest statistics

The country is experiencing a relapse after months of successfully ‘flattening the curve.’ We only had 5 new cases on the 20th of August. That’s a single digit! People were allowed to go to work, schools, malls and other public places while still following the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

Less than 2 months ago

Netizens have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations in certain ministers who did not self-quarantine after visiting high-risk areas. My timeline was a total chaos with accusations, stressed students going back to online learning, upset workers getting laid off and not to mention the countless videos of front liners in their suffocating protection gear.

It is now everyone’s responsibility to help one another. We can’t just solely depend on the government to take action, we must do our part in saving the economy as well. What do you think will help? Share your ideas in the comments 🙂


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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2 thoughts on “Quarantine Again

    1. im sorry to hear that 😦 I hope you and your family stay safe throughout this pandemic! things ive been doing haha:
      -read books
      -watch youtube videos, movies and tv shows
      -refining my playlists on spotify
      -catch up with friends and family via whatsapp and other social media apps

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